Cotton Belly's

by Cotton Belly's

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released October 6, 2009



all rights reserved


Cotton Belly's Moret Loing Et Orvanne, France

Une voix soul, une sensibilité folk, des rythmiques qui passent sans sourciller du rock au reggae :
les quatre de Cotton Belly's auraient pu naître dans un champ de coton où ils auraient appris le blues
à ses racines. Non, ce sont juste
des Parisiens qui l’ont complètement dans la peau.
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Track Name: Barbecue
I've got no trouble on the land where
I was born
Got no pain in my home
Got no reason to believe in your lies
I ain't scared to be alone

Get out of my life because
you know I'm thinking
We know what to do
Get out of my life,
you know we're getting ready
For a barbecue

Not too noisy, not to quiet
Just what we need to feel alright
I got some good friends
and a smiling dog
That keep me warm in the night

I've got no trouble on the land where
I was born
Got no pain in my home
Got no reason to believe in your lies
You ain't ever gonna hear me moan
Track Name: Cup Song
One day I had a good project
And then everything just fell apart
I cried, my tears made me blind

Don't leave me alone in the corner
Don't let me be sad in the dark
I'm waiting here for you baby,
don't leave me behind

I've been waiting here for ages
I got long hair and beard
And I'm hoping that soon,
you will be near

And I do anything to see you
And I had lay my body down
But I'am gonna go sleep
and weep in the forest now

I heard the beats and bird to say "Goodnight"
I know, I see your love say me "Goodbye"
Track Name: Ghost Baby Blues
One night, I was cold and feeling down
In the summer time
when the trees were green
I saw you dancing with some poor cats
Then you vanished in the heat

I'm sure you're my love
But you're just my ghost baby blues
Just when I think you're mine
I know it's your mind to lose

I want you walkin' by my side
To see your smile,
I want you smell your hair
But the morning brings me the pain
Cause I see that you're not ther
Track Name: Stranger At Home
These walls have seen betterdays
They don't look so good no more
The window need washing
The handle fell off the door

I am a stranger in my house
Yes I am a stranger at home

This room has started shrinking
Our photos lie in the dust
This house has got me thinking
Our marriage is a bust

I love my babe so good
I always treat her right
I feel misunderstood
She always wants to fight

These walls have seen betterdays
Now the bed is broken too
The mattress that united us
Has now been split in two
Track Name: Lazy Owl
Takin' my times on a train line
Because I'm on my own
It's alright and I feel fine
The whole world is my home
I live right though sometimes
I struggle to survive
It's a strange life but it's my life
And I feel so alive
Show me what you need
Everybody got feel it, be it, yeah

When they told me to fight
I knew I couldn't make it
So I ran out of sight
I knew I couldn't take it
She tells me what to do
I say I don't have the time
She ask me if I'm true
I say I know what is mine

Well I'm a lazy owl
I'm high up in e tree
Show me what is shine
Show me whet they're bringing
Track Name: Shy Boy
As soon as you entered
I melted like some ice
Tingle all over, over even in my heart

I don't dare to come and,
to come and talk to you
I am so nervous, I don't know what to do

Babe, I am a shy boy,
a shy boy all the time
I am a wet hen, I will not dry out tonight
Track Name: Cotton Jig
Music : Jérôme Perraut / Yann Malek
Track Name: Mambo
The gipsy woman said it so
Now I know she was right
The sky is crying, clouds so low
And he comes with the night
I see the rain on mambo
Mambo is back in town
I see the rain on Mambo
Mambo is back in town

Shadow walkin' without a trace
In an old suit, he's sad
Black hair fallin' on his face
He has lost all he had
I see the pain of Mambo
Mambo has been crushed and banned
I see the pain of Mambo
Mambo has been crushed and banned

He's been rundown by sacrifice
And hangmen in the bar
He's got his shotgun,
they're gonna pay the price
When the door is ajar
I got my eyes on Mambo
Mambo turn off the light

He's filled with sorrow,
he's filled with wound
But he thinks of the past
The path is narrow, there is no sound
And his breath is the last
I got my eyes on Mambo
Mambo has been crushed and banned
I got my eyes on Mambo
Mambo has been crushed and killed